Coding and the Cross


LOOK: Orthodox Priests Pray On Kiev Frontline

It was St. Thomas, I think, who pointed out long ago that if God wanted to get rid of the universe, He would not have to do anything; He would have to stop doing something. Wine is—the fruit of the vine stands in act, outside of nothing—because it is His very present pleasure to have it so. The creative act is contemporary, intimate, and immediate to each part, parcel and period of the world.

Do you see what that means? In a general way we con­cede that God made the world out of joy: He didn’t need it; He just thought it was a good thing. But if you confine His activity in creation to the beginning only, you lose most of the joy in the subsequent shuffle of history. Sure, it was good back then, you say, but since then, we’ve been eating leftovers. How much better a world it becomes when you see Him creating at all times and at every time; when you see that the preserving of the old in being is just as much creation as the bringing of the new out of nothing. Each thing, at every moment, becomes the delight of His hand, the apple of His eye. The bloom of yeast lies upon the grapeskins year after year because He likes it; C6H12O6=2C2H5OH+2CO2 is a de­pendable process because, every September, He says, That was nice; do it again.

Let us pause and drink to that.

- Robert Farrar Capon (1925-2013).  The Supper of the Lamb.

Grantian Florilegium: Parish Model

Thomas Chalmers argued for the “parish model” of ministry, particularly in cities, saying, “Now, in our large towns, we have the ministerial service without the pastoral; and we all know what a loose and precarious connection between ministers and people this has given rise to.”

Parish Collective interviews leader of Arnada Abbey

Parish Anglican

Aug 8

Kevin DeYoung: The Gift of Friendship

Keller, Horton, Chandler: The Church and Culture – Justin Taylor

Jun 8

Axis Maps Store — Washington DC

Fun use of typography to make mostly functional map.

Apr 6

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher

Just started using it today, but so far I likey!

Using Encrypted JSON Data To Hide Cookie Implementation In ColdFusion

Really slick way of storing user state in a way that can’t intercepted by sniffers.  Still leaves open the possibility of coffee shop spoofs over http, though, I think.